Integrated medicine focusing on the Body, Mind and Spirit

Need help - Are you at a crossroads - Want help to learn to see clearly? - Do you want to grow and develop?

The goal is high professional quality, human warmth, genuine presence. Support and guidance for both children and adults. Treatment – Conversation and Therapy and Teaching can alleviate deep problems in the body – mind and soul, and in turn increase and regain your vitality and health. Need more relaxation and relaxation. Are you suffering from fatigue, lack of energy, are you sick and maybe you are in pain? Then support and guidance with me can be the solution. Here I offer Integrated Medicine. Conversation – Svane® Massage – Kranio Sacral Therapy – Myoreflex Therapy – Chinese Acupuncture – Ear Acupuncture – Myo Reflex Therapy. Conversation Therapy – Gentle Psycho Traumatology – Healing the Mind with “A Course in Miracles” Self Forgiveness – Prevention and Education. Which, collectively, is called World Medicine.


To help is to understand: Søren Kirkegaard's thoughts are practiced at Svanecentret® in Tisvildeleje.

“If I should succeed in leading a person
towards a certain goal, I must
first go where he is at the moment and
begin just there.

Someone who cannot do that
cheats himself when he thinks he can help others.

To help another one must clearly
understand more than he does, but
first and foremost understand
what he understands.
If I cannot do that then
it does not help if I have ability.

If I will nevertheless show how able I am
that is because I am vain and arrogant
and I would actually like to be admired
of others instead of helping.

All genuine helpfulness begins with humbleness
for the person I want to help and
in that way I must understand that to help
is not to rule but to serve.

If I can not do that then I cannot help.”
Søren Kierkegaard