Are you listening to the voice of fear or love? The path of forgiveness.

A Course in Self-Forgivenes.

Healing of humanity.

It is said about A Course in Miracles, and rightly so, that it is the most advanced, spiritual and psychological work that exists, or for that matter, ever existed.

The book consists of three parts, the first of which is the Text Book. This is the theoretical background, the spiritual, metaphysical and psychological basis of the second part, which is the Student Workbook. This consists of 365 lessons, one for each day of the year. The intention is for the student to read and practice one lesson every day for a whole year. The lessons are self-explanatory. The third and final part is the Teacher’s Handbook, which, in addition to some explanations of words and concepts, also deals with the characteristics that a course teacher must possess.

The Course A Course in Miracles is published as a complete book.

The course is translated into Danish, but is very beautiful to read in English (original language).


Who wrote it?

The course is written by an American psychologist named Helen Schucman, who in his mid-sixties, to his own dismay, began to “hear an inner voice”. The “horror” is because she considered herself a scientist with a big V, and partly because she was a Jew, and her voice identified herself as Jesus.

At first, she literally thought she was about to leave her mind, but thanks to her boss, psychologist Bill Thetford began, and she continued to write down what her voice dictated to her.

Seven years later, the work A Course in Miracles was completed in manuscript.

After many peculiar events, the 1976 book was on the streets for the first time.

What is A Course in Miracles all about?

A Course in Miracles is the settlement of the habitual thinking of guilt and fear, of thinking in trust, forgiveness and love. The course is teaching to learn self-forgiveness, which is the healing of the mind.

In the course you will learn to settle the belief in guilt and fear. The intention is to reestablish contact between the Holy Spirit and the individual – to allow us humans to have direct communication connection to our original source “The Highest Consciousness”.

In the textbook, Jesus says that the Course is one way back to God, but only one way among many thousands of other ways, and likewise He says that the Course is the fastest way. The course is thus not for everyone, but for those who are able to accept its very logical and consistent system of thought. The course is very logical and consistent, but also very poetic and beautiful.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all heading back to God. We all find a path that is right for us, and for many people in the Western world, A Course in Miracles seems to be the way.

Because of the many poetic and beautiful passages, many believe that the course is about love.

This is a misunderstanding because, as already stated in the introduction, this course does not aim to teach the meaning of love, as this is not something that can be learned, for love is merely.

On the other hand, the goal of A Course in Miracles is to find and remove the blocks that we ourselves have set against love. Only then are we able to experience love.
A Course in Miracles is designed precisely so that when we work with it, we can discover and remove these barriers and increasingly experience in our daily lives forgiveness, peace and love.

Those who embark on A Course in Miracles experience a complete change in their thought patterns and throughout their lives. However, it is not uncommon for breaks of shorter or longer duration.

Where can I learn more about the course?

Although the book appears to be a self-study, few people are able to study it without help – and you don’t have to.
The Swan Center in Tisvildeleje near Helsinge and Frederiksværk in North Zealand has groups with lecture and practice of A Course in Miracles.

If you would like to join one of the groups in A Course in Miracles, you can send an email to Pernille Kondo at In this email, please explain your spiritual goal and tell us a little about yourself – within 14 days no start.

Prerequisite for participating in A Course in Miracles

A prerequisite for participating in A Course in Miracles is the desire to create in love. It is also an advantage that facilitates the understanding of the course that you have read the book “The Power of the Now” by Eckhart Tolle, Borgens Forlag or similar material.

The course price for ten teaching days spread over a year is DKK 5,000.- The deposit is DKK 2,000 and is payable upon registration to A Course in Miracles. The balance is payable no later than three weeks before the start of the course (another agreement can be made).

Everyone please clean up after themselves and the group helps with tea and coffee brewing. Fruit or cake is served during breaks. In addition, we eat everything

Travel to the Holy Island of Patmos in Greece.

Spring Course: 23.04. – 09.05.2022

Summer courses: 08.07. – 25.07.2022

Late Summer Course: 26.08 – 12.09.2022

Late Summer: 09.09 – 26.09.2022