Learn to cleanse and create your inner space in Love

Are you listening to the voice of fear or love? The path of forgiveness.

What does your life from now on contain?
What obstacles do you see?
Convert sadness (depression) in life to positive presence and forward thinking.
Self-observation: Observation of the mind, thoughts and feelings – and regrets.

Willingness to look at the sacrificial role and old patterns.
The art of seeing oneself, of accommodating oneself and being oneself.

How do we learn to take real responsibility for our lives?
Conversation, exchange and active listening: Learn to express what you want.
How do we each integrate the polarities in ourselves and in relation to the other gender?

In practice, how do you create the life you want?
How do you create resonance between yourself and another human being?
Family constellations / arrangements.
Special relationship. True relationships. How do we learn to communicate and create together?

The way to a well-functioning relationship / couple relationship.
The unity-creating meeting between man and woman.
Learn to initiate and use the regenerative and healing powers within yourself.

In practice, how do you create a better life for your surroundings?
To see a flower in another person’s garden / life?
Transforming fear and guilt through self-forgiveness is the path to more Peace and Love.

The meditative silence helps you to create your own inner space of peace.

The course days will be varied and very inspiring, and will include exercises, conversation, centering, meditative practice, to achieve deepening and inner silence. Self-forgiveness purifies your inner space and is the purification that heals the mind and opens the way to unity.
Only teach love, because that’s what you are.

You will come home empowered with lots of learning and experience that you can directly translate and use into your daily life and work. Knowledge and practice you will not do without learning it.

The Road to Peaceful Coexistence and Community: That You Meet Yourself and Others with Attention, Acceptance, Respect and Recognition.
Teachers: Pernille Kondo, Therapist and Spiritual Teacher.