Do you want peace of mind and body

Medical Qi Gong is a many thousands of years old healing method used among others. in the hospitals in China, with very good results. Qi Gong consists of more than 5,000 years old exercises: It is slow, calm exercises combined with breathing. Qi Gong opens up and creates peace of mind. You get in touch with the connective tissue that is so important for keeping the body’s tissue elastic. It has an effect on our nervous system, which in turn gives peace of mind.

Qi Gong has a very positive impact on our organs, the immune system and energy levels are raised, and it provides balance and harmony in body and mind. The course includes Naturgong. The ten movements of Qi Gong master Dr. Zang from China, as well as 30 minutes of Relaxation and Meditation.

The course is for both men and women. Working with Qi Gong is a great pleasure.