Swan ® Massage is a body therapeutic massage system that unites meditation, conversation, massage, energy balancing, self-development and care work.

The purpose of this work is to support and intensify your natural development process. We take a holistic view of life i.e. that we integrate body, mind and spirit into the process and that we as humans are part of a larger context.

Basic course in Svane® Massage

Look forward to five educational and joyful days filled with Healing and Healing of body and mind. In this course you will learn to give and receive a full body massage.

The course is an introduction to the practical and theoretical basic techniques of the Svane Massage. Swan Massage seems very relaxing and balancing on body and mind. Swan Massage gives you increased body awareness, body joy, grounding and is a great tool for Self-development. Swan Massage develops intuition and provides insights and knowledge of energy circulation and energy understanding in the human energy system. Furthermore, we work with Mindfulness, Meditation practice, The power of the present, Self-observation, Conversation, Energy balancing, Self-development and Human care for the individual. The purpose of this work is to support and intensify Personal Growth and your Spiritual Development process. We take a holistic view of life i.e. that we integrate Body, Mind and Spirit into the process and that we as human beings are part of a larger whole.

The massage works deeply and strengthens and is very relaxing, relieves tension and is recommended for general abrasion, back problems etc. The massage loosens the muscles and bones and gives a deep healing and strengthening effect and it is a wonderfully delightful experience. for you.

Basic form in Svane ® Massage aims professionally and provides access to education as Svane ® Therapist in Infant / Child Massage and Child Care.

Try if necessary. even a Swan Massage®

before deciding on a course.

Advanced courses in the Svane Massage® concept and education

Education and Training:

The degree program that concludes the exam meets the requirements of the customs authorities for VAT exemption, as well as the requirements of the professional associations in order to be a registered practitioner (RAB).

Polarity Therapy and Swan Massage®

Polarity therapy is a healing tool that is based on the American doctor. Randolph Stone’s methods and apply to create balance and harmony in a human being. Between the masculine and the feminine, the spiritual and material, past and future, experiences and vision etc.

All polarity conditions have a physical and mental dimension, and imbalances can be the root cause of illness. Polarity therapy recreates the natural contradictions and opens up a healthy working-up of understanding of mental imbalances.

You will learn both a general Polarity Therapy – Massage and a method based on specific problems eg. pain, stress, fear, anger, or bonds to the past. Both methods can be integrated into the Svane® Massage Form and Therapeutic Touch.

You will also learn the Polarity conversation which enables you to locate and process polar imbalances.

Swan ® Mental Massage and Mental Diagnosis

A therapeutic healing technique that integrates into massage.

Mental Massage and Mental Diagnosis

The work of psychic currents comes from Chinese body psychology, and balancing currents is used to release energy into the body so that the mind is in balance.

The method is typically used in contexts where the client has problems with receptivity, spaciousness, boundary setting, expression, transformation of energy or release of acting power and creativity.

The eight currents connect body, emotion and spirituality, and they have an impact on our level of stress and well-being.

You will learn to start from both physical and mental imbalances, and you will gain a basic knowledge of mental diagnosis.

Work is done outside on the clothes on the course.