Yoga is a way of working with oneself, a good path to greater physical and mental well-being

You want to increase the elasticity of your connective tissue and the suppleness of your body, which is a prerequisite for keeping us vital and supple high up the veins. In a calm and trusting atmosphere, we are working on a varied program of Yoga poses that will include the classic program. You learn to work with your breathing, your posture and concentration and thereby achieve a better balance of body and mind. Yoga works constructively and smoothly on the entire body and makes your movements freer. Through relaxation we will build tranquility, inner silence and consciousness.

Do you want to gain understanding in the doctrine of energy, for the benefit of yourself and your fellow human beings?

In a safe and accepting atmosphere we will acquire experiences and new knowledge. We will work towards greater inner peace that is necessary to stand firm on our own legs in our time.

  • Immersion in the language of the dream
  • Chakras Awareness Opportunities
  • Visualization, concentration, sound, color and light techniques
  • Deep grounding / ground contact
  • Peace and silence in my mind and conscious soul contact

  • As a body workout, we start from the connective tissue, which is important to keep supple and elastic throughout life. The exercises awaken and revitalize the connective tissue both physically and mentally, relieve the nervous system and provide more calm and social intelligence.

    We will apply yoga postures and breathing lessons as well as the relaxation Yoga Nidra and Prana Vidya, which is the doctrine of self-healing. The purpose is to help the individual to build greater physical and mental stability and balance.