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Swan Centre Pernille Kondo.

Spiritual Center for Meditation - Teaching and Treatment.


Cranio Sacral Therapy for the whole family

Cranio Sacral Therapy developed by chiropractors for 100 years ago, a very gentle treatment that works closely with the human nervous system, bones and connective tissue. The whole body involved in treatment, especially the pelvis, spine and head. The treatment is very gentle but goes deep, for increased calmness, clarity, clarity, inner freedom and balance. Imbalances and the lock from loosening body and mind will be in better balance. 

Cranio Sacral Therapy What is it good for

Stress and imbalances in the head neck and spine, pain in the lower back and pelvis headache, migraine Virus on the balance nerve dizziness, nausea Pregnancy Genes eg. Nausea and pelvic pain Sinusitis feeling of imbalance in the body and wiplash / whiplash after road accident . Disorders that come again and again, pain Personal problems, anxiety, depression, and emotional swings Used for Babies and children and pampering for women after childbirth. Older people with incipient memory problems and dementia. Here is very good experience. Arvævs giving problems after operations here given conducive Soft tissue massage.

Baby and children treatment

Cranio Sacral Therapy and massage are also babies and older children. After a talk about årssagen for consultation, examined the child with a view to the movement of joints, muscles and connective tissue.

We also talk about motor skills and sanssestimulation of the child. Then I plan treatment: Cranio, neck, spine and pelvis, korigeres very gently. The treatment will have a good efekt for your child if your child: is forlidligt born has problems feeding, have a sore stomach or colic symptoms have sleep problems.

Restless and cry more than usual, the child born by Caesarean section or taken with sucker has imbalances in the body (banana shape ) has crooked skull mm. It's always a good idea to examine the baby after birth. Instruction for parents to follow up the treatment.


Børnebehadling 1 hour: Kr............................................ 400,-

Conversation advice and guidance to parents about 1 3/4 hour: Kr...................................800,-

Mother - Father Care / Support for women and fathers before and after birth.

Svane ® Massage sessions

- Massage during pregnancy and after birth, cranio-sacral may be included. 

- Treatment of women with imbalances in the neck, back and pelvis mm
- Healing Swan Massage with both parents after birth.
- Individual Therapy and Energy Balancing.
- Therapy. 

1 3/4 hour: Kr........................800,-

Cranio-sacral therapy for older children and children with special needs. Kr.........................................400,-

The treatment will have a good efekt if your child

  • have learning problems
  • has motor skills and emotional-related unrest
  • has headaches and back problems
  • children who have difficulty sitting still in school or behave
  • is to ask children
  • is a very sensitivet child
  • has ADHD
  • have other problems

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