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Swan Centre Pernille Kondo.

Spiritual Center for Meditation - Teaching and Treatment.


Child Care and Massage "For the new age children" and parents

Mothers Groups with Swan Infant Massage and Children Treatment

Swan Infant Massage & Children Treatment.

Infant massage and gentle massage therapy Cranio Sacral Therapy for the toddler (Please read below about cranial sacral therapy) cranio, palate, neck, spine, pelvis examined carefully and treated very gently. 

Guidance is given to parents so you can follow up on treatment till we meet again.

Children Treatment for Infants / children 1 hour: ............. 450.- crowns 

Conversation / Guidelines for parents 1 hour: .... .............. 450.- crowns

Cranio Sacral Therapy and Massage for Babies and larger children.
We talk about what you need help for. I examine the child with my Physiotherapy background of knowledge to investigate the child's movement in joints, muscles and connective tissue. We are talking about motor skills and sence stimulation to the child.

Then I plan the treatment

Cranio, palate, neck, spine and pelvis,  will be adjusted very gently.
The treatment will have a good efekt for your child if your child:
is premature born, has problems feeding, has a stomach ache or colic symptoms, have sleeping problems, restless and cry more than usual,
the child born by caesarean section or taken with sucker has imbalances in the body (banana shape), awry skull etc.

It is always a good idea to examine the baby after birth.
Instruction for parents to follow up treatment.

Svane Massage sessions: Care, support and guidance to women before and after childbirth:

- Conversation and an entire oil massage: Pregnancy and Postnatal      Massage.

- Treatment of women with nwck, back, pelvis Solution etc.
- Healing Massage for both parents.
- Individual Therapy.
There can be used hotstone, hot lava stones as part of the massage, with focus on the back. It works deeply relaxing effect, releases tensions and is recommended for wear in the back. The heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles and bones and gives itself greater grounding, and healing.

It's a wonderful wonderful experience. Acupuncture can be included if desired.

-1. Session: 1 3/4 hours: .................................115.- EURO  / 850.- crowns

-Family Therapy: 1 3/4 hours..........................115.- EURO /  850.- crowns 

-Gift for your love one: Nice Gift cards issued.


All weekdays between 8.00 am and 9.00 am +45 51 34 18 96

Mothers groups in Infant Massage

Small groups - 5 participants,  five times once a week or every other week, price 900.- crowns / 200.- EURO

Do you want to be in a group and learn how to give your baby massage that provides comfort, peace of body, confidence and joy. The touch sense is the most developed sense of the small child, so we can just through the Massage reach the baby child.

Recent research has shown that touch and massage increases levels of the hormone oxytocin, which is titled "Feel good hormone", a hormone that promotes peace, relaxation, confidence and well-being both in mother / father who gives and the child.

Massage provides a very good body experience, that in itself gives peace. Infant Massage strengthen​s the bonding between mother, father and child and strongly facilitate the child's well-being and self-confidence.

The room is heated, and there will be taught Svane® Infant Massage, which aims to create confidence and joy. Creative Play, song will be included in the course. It will allow you to approach your child in a way that would help the child in its upbringing. If the child has problems like stomach aches, colic, feeding problems, imbalances or other difficulties or you as a woman after birth have pain or problems, we recommend individual consultation and treatment by Pernille Kondo. 

If you can gather a small group of 5 people, you get completely your own group. Mothers groups Tuesdays 09.30 to 11.45 - or we agree a day that suits you!

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