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Swan Centre Pernille Kondo.

Spiritual Center for Meditation - Teaching and Treatment.


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Swan Massage

Svane Massage one favorable to health and holistic service for the body and also a means of self-development. It is a combination of body massage, conversation and energy balancing and healing. Massage provides well-being and peace of body and mind. Recent research has shown that especially touch / massage increases levels of the hormone oxytosin also referred to as the "feel good to watch hormone", a hormone that promotes well-being, relaxation, tranquility, peace of mind, the deep rest and release every time we do something good for ourselves, especially when we touch.

There can be used hotstone hot lava stones as part of the massage, with focus on the back. It works deeply relaxing effect, relieves tension and is recommended for wear in the back. The heat from the stones penetrates deep into the muscles and bones and give itself greater grounding, grounding and healing.

It's a wonderful wonderful experience

Swan Massage is given as individual sessions with relaxation massage and / or structured series of sessions.

The sessions dealt themes such as grounding, including and now situation, life history, perspective, experience and events. Last we focus on future policy options and solutions.
Swan Massage organized in cooperation with the client ..

Massage relieve or cure: Stress and anxiety
Back pain Instruction for parents to follow up the treatment
Neck / shoulder pain
Pregnancy Generating
Helps self-awareness and peronlig development

Swan Center. Spiritual center for meditation and teaching

Pernille Kondo
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Svane® Massage 1+

Relaxation massage, relieves stress and tension, giving you a conducive care of body and mind. 

About 1 - 3/4 hour: 850.- crowns.

Svane® Massage 1+3

Conversation and massage. A cycle process consisting of 4 sessions, where one concentrates on a particular problem or a developing certain properties.

Price. session about 1 - 3/4 hour: 850.- crowns.

Appointments: Every weekday between 8:00 and 9:00 on telephone: 48 70 87 96.
For cancellations later than 24 hours before all the sessions you are required to pay the session.

Svane ® Massage Therapy and development "Lifecycle"

 If you want depth and really change in your life?

Swan Massage 1+12 massage series

Pernille Kondo gives individual sessions in a deep massage course of 13 sessions where you get the opportunity to achieve personal and systematic self development processes. This series is recommended when you've got Svane ® Massage 5-10 times and feel ready to really introspection and a change in your life.

1+: Introductory session. This is followed by the 12 sessions. Each session begins with conversation.

1-2-3: In the first 3 sessions working with grounding and its relation to the practical physical reality. The massage is based on the legs.

4-5-6: The next phase of work with the personal history, emotional life, though it getting made life experience to a conducive and fruitful ballast. The massage is based on the back.

7-8-9: After further work on expression, sensitivity and relationships. It is important to get used and shared its resources, all that you have today and to vitalized it. The massage is based on the arms, neck and chest.

10-11-12: In the last sessions we work with centering. Being centered means that you live your life in accordance with being who you are. Centering phase is also where you learn to reap the fruit of his work, and getting ready for the future and inner renewal. The massage is based on the front of the body, gastric, head and whole body.

It is recommended that the sessions be placed with the 4-5 weeks that can provide a regular massage in between if there are urgent needs.

There are tasks for each session, be sure to be well prepared.

Price. session about 1 3/4 hour: 800, - crowns.

Basic form in Swan Massage aims professionally and provide access to education as Svane ® therapist in Infant / Child Massage and Children Treatment.

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