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Swan Centre Pernille Kondo.

Spiritual Center for Meditation - Teaching and Treatment.


Spiritual traveling with A Course in Miracles.

​Do you listen to the voice of fear or love? The way of forgiveness.​​

You travel to the Holy Greek Island Patmos in Greece. Teaching is in English.

20.09. - 06.10 2019. Attend 1 weel or 2 weeks. Teaching at my own Center. Swane Spiti.

​The teaching is based on and "A Course ​in Miracles".  Self - Forgiveness: The road to inner peace.

​Theme: "Integrity and Forgiveness" and "Create the life you want in Love"​

The holiday you will not be home from.​

Teacher and course instructor:

Pernille Kondo, Spiritual teacher and therapist.​

Destination: Island of Patmos in Greece where John received his Revelation.

Pricew: Euro 1262.-  Incl.  boat, hotel, and course for all 16 days.

Excl: airplane.
Category: Holiday. Consciousness development and healing of the mind.

Place: 10 | Open for booking.
Prerequisite: Pleasure. For people M / F like the friend or partner who wants to learn to create in Love.
Meditation Form: Guided Meditation and Forgiveness.
Children allowed : No.
Is the journey smokeless : No.
Is the journey alcohol-free : No.

​You travel to the beautiful Spiritual Greek island of Patmos. You arrive in September, with not so many tourists, everything is peace and tranquility. It is on this sacred island, John received his revelation. I have held courses on the island for several more years in "A Course in Miracles" and it is a well-functioning, ideal place for peace and contemplation. Here you can get an apprenticeship and eventful vacation, completely out of the ordinary, here is a very favorable energy. If you are spiritually interested, this experience will definitely be something for you.

We will explore the beautiful island and visit the impressive John monastery where there still live around 25 monks and helpers throughout the year. The monastery is from the year 1088, it rises like a fairy tale castle surrounded by core under protective walls. We visit the small cave where John had his revelation, and connects us to the energy that is there. Johannes cave on Patmos is one of the world opening gates. Patmos is called Agæer sea "the little Jerusalem". Patmos status, Unesco Heritage Center and is a unique place. 

There are about 450 chapels, churches, and monasteries on the island. On the journey there will be hospitalized walks, if you feel like it. The island is a treasure, as everywhere oozes tranquility and has a wonderful peaceful mood and atmosphere, the sky is open on Patmos. Every year pilgrimages pilgrims to Patmos, but few experience to stay here and calm down and it is just that we want to do on this trip.

The course "A Course in Miracles" is Spitituel Psychotherapy: On the course there will be aspects of one Course retreate of silence and contemplation each day. We share and teach from a common desire to go the way of the heart. When we do our willingness to settle the fear in us and say yes to love, Cured mind. It is not possible to run the darkness by fighting and fighting with ourselves and others, but it is very much possible by turning on the light in us.

There will be teaching and meditation in a safe and accepting atmosphere, morning and evening. Mid-day, in the heat of time off work "free play" and enjoy life. You sometimes see a small task for contemplation. In your free time, we will bathe and bask on beautiful small sandy beaches and eating lovely sun-ripened tomatoes, Greek salad and homemade specialties at the small local taverns. 

Fresh ingredients combined with love, for here they make good food. We will go on hiking discovery on goat paths in the mountains and explore and experience fun and exciting places on the island. Patmos has it all, there are lovely shops and cafés, when you need it. We gather again in the afternoon and work on. You will of course get support and guidance along the way.

We practice Immersion and serenity, and exercises and learn to translate it into our daily life and work. The general theme is: Integrity, Self-Forgiveness and Forgiveness - How do I create the life that I want in love. We observe and examine the mind, and learn how  to undoo our ego mind many things about us. The goal is a direct connection to Peace - Light and Love.

We eat together every day if you want to, and we cook together  sometimes. We keep a small evening session when there is a need for it. There are holidays and lots of fun and wonderful experiences along the way. You have the opportunity to participate in the Greek island life, if you like, and you will definitely feel like a part of the island. The Patmoes are very hospitable.

We will work with the group on the following topics:

  • Integrity: Learn how to preserve yourself and your personal and p

  • Being confident in yourself and in your own body.

  • What would you like to achieve and what would you like to avoid?

  • What do you want more of? What do you want less of?

  • To learn how to use your Solar Plexus consciousness, it is what is called your gut feeling in practice. We train and practice exercises.

  • What is a gradient? Imagine a staircase up to the next floor, it has many steps / gradients. See and understand life on a gradient.

  • How do I get more self esteem, self-confidence and Community?

  • Transformation of fear to security and love.

  • The Healing conversation and active listening is the way. The healing conversation and sharing.

  • Security in yourself, in space and security in relation to other people. You have to accommodate your self before you can manage to meet and accommodate other people.
  • How does my regrets affect my life?

  • How does my thourght affect the way I think about my life?

  • Meditation and Self-Forgiveness helps you to clean and create your own inner space of peace that creates the opportunity to become a channel for peace.

  • Do you want to be part of a group and to create a conducive and unifying community and let your highest qualities advice?

  • We help each other and work together to get deeper and further.

  • How to recognize / I experience connection to The Holy Spirit?
  • Sometimes we practice shorter sessions of breathing exercise, body training and exercises to loosen up. Gentle Yoga and Qi Gong exercises and deep relaxation etc. will be included in the days as the group's needs. Remember to bring a sleeping pad.

Overnight at the white beach: It is a great desire from former participants of the course, to have the opportunity to stay overnight at "Psili Amos the white beach" this is the best beach on Patmos, an absolutely wonderful place. For that we need more small tents. To get out to Psili Amos beach, you have to go to the foot of the small mountain about 25 min, a very beautiful trip. Otherwise, a small sailing vessel in a few days a week. The ship is waiting for us and takes us home in the late afternoon. On this beach, all commodities are still transported on donkey or boat out to the beach of the old grandfather, who runs a discretion little Tarvarna with his sweet wife and their family. A totally unique place. If you do not want to spend the night on the beach, walking just back to the hotel again, or take the ship back and just enjoy the day on the beach. You of course have the opportunity to spend your day off exactly as you want.


Sunset Hotel on Patmos. A double room costs 20 Euro. per day per person incl. breakfast. Single room costs 34 EURO per day. Room condition nature at Hotel Sunset is a category 3 common good Greek default. A really nice family hotel and always neat and clean. The hotel is reserved for you.

The hotel is reserved for you. Tax 0.50 pr night.

Other accommodations:
Hotel Australis beautiful place, very close to my house. Hotel room 45 Euro, apartment approx. 50 Euro per night.
Nikos Studios are located close to my house. Hotel room 45 Euro, apartment approx. 55 Euro per night.
Hotel Australis and Nikos Studios, You can also live here and share the expenses.
The standard is better at the last two mentioned and the apartments can be cooked.
All three places are family run, very cozy, friendly atmosphere, and always nice and clean.The hotel is reserved for you.

Flight: How do you order aircraft to Athen. You yourself order the ticket. Pernille Kondo help with booking the boat. Send a copy of the aircraft and boat ticket to​

The journey from Athens to Patmos:
From Athens airport to Piraeus port, single ticket 6 Euro. The recipient 1 1/2 hour. In Piraeus go to the port area, pickup your ticket in the Blue star ferry ticket office, that you have ordered and paid home. To the right of the entrance departs free bus to the quay where "Blue Star 1" sail to Patmos departing at am. 19.00. You can board 2 hours before. Sailing time is intended for ca. 8 hours and the boat arrives to Patmos about pm. 3.15 the next morning. The price is about 80 Euro return for the boath. You must book a ticket for the boat from home. Search: Choose EN for English, go to "Book online" choose Patmos and book and pay your ticket here. You might consider a cabin, which coats 80 Euro. This is the absolute cheapest way to Patmos. The group will be picked up at the harbor on arrival at Patmos. 

Return from Patmos:

Sunday 6.10.2019 with "Blue Star 2" departs at am. 23.55, with arrival to Piraeus Monday morning around pm. 08.00. Free bus directly from the boat to the port end. The group takes the airport bus 6 EURO from Piraeus to Athens airport, it takes a 1 1/2 hour to the airport. 

Travel meeting: Tuesday june 6. 2019 at am. 18:30 is compulsory. 

Ore at Skype.

Price incl. Approx: Euro 1262.- incl. boat, hotel accommodation and Course. (Excl. airplane)
The price for the trip is calculated from the following:
Course - Teaching: Euro 870.- for 2 weeks. Hotel Sunset Patmos.
In shared double room with 15 nights 20.- Euro per night incl. breakfast.
If you want to stay in single room: 34 Euro per night incl. breakfast. This is extra.
New tax throughout the EU in hotel rooms 0.50 cents per night per room.
The boat to Patmos costs about 80 Euro return.
Airport shuttle costs 12 Euro return.Excl. prices: Meals other than breakfast and excursions settles you. Prices are very reasonable at Patmos. 


Send full name, address, phone and Email, to Payment of Course price: Euro 870.- for 2 weeks to the Swan Centre. Handelsbanken: Item: 6300 1569106 by June 7. 2019.

Deposit Euro 400.- paid upon signing up. 

​IBAN Nr: DK8963000001569106.      SWIFT:HANDDKKK

CANCELLATION: Registration binding / deposit of the course itself is not refundable. Please send a copy of your ticket to the Swan Centre, when this is done, you are registered for the course.

​You are always welcome to call Pernille Kondo and hear more on tel. +45 5134 1896 best in phone time between Kl. 8:00 to 9:00. Otherwise, please leave a message and I'll call you back.

If you want more information about the trip or have questions, please also feel free to contact Pernille Kondo on mail:

​Pernille Kondo, Indehaver/Leder


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