Recreation on Patmos

World medicine holistic treatment, on Swan Spiti Retreate Center in Greece, focusing on Body - Mind and Spirit.

Recreation at the Swan Spiti Retreate Center on the small island of Patmos in Greece.

Do you need a break and support for body, mind and spirit after illness.

You are offered daily treatments by Pernille Sylvest Kondo. Healing conversations – coating – guidance – self-development – teaching, tailored to your needs.

You are staying 2 min from the Swan Spiti Retreate Center in a small safe and cozy family Hotel, in lovely surroundings, with a beautiful garden and a great view to the Johannes Monastery and the ocean.

Integrity and Serenity

Personal Development. Training in connecting better as a human being.

Learn how to preserve and clean your interior space.

The Road to Peaceful Coexistence and Community: Attention, Acceptance, Respect and Recognition.

Do you want to develop and realize the potential you have with you?

We go deeper into the understanding of how body, emotions, thoughts and spirit interact and are closely connected in man. We have chosen to work together and with one another about what interests us the most and have a genuine desire to share our experiences and knowledge.

We will work on the following topics in the group:

    • The Important Integrity Training: An Essential Self-Development Tool, for Authenticity and Wholeness.
    • Integrity: To become comfortable with oneself and one’s own body.
    • What do you want to achieve and what do you want to avoid?
    • What would you like more of? What would you like less of?
    • You will learn how to use your Solar Plexus consciously and in practice, this is what is called a gut feeling. We practice and practice exercises.
    • See and understand life on a gradient. What is a gradient? Imagine a staircase where you take one step at a time.
    • How Do You Get More Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence and Community Feeling?
    • Anxiety, Anxiety, Fear, transformation and transformation into more love.
    • Conversation and active listening are included.
    • Confidence in oneself, in space and security in relation to other people. You must be able to accommodate yourself before you can forgive an incident.

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The course days will be varied and very inspiring, and to achieve greater depth and inner silence, exercises will include Meditative Practice of Self Forgiveness and Forgiveness, as an important tool. Silence helps you create your own space in Peace and Love.

You will come home empowered with lots of experience and learning that you can directly translate and use into your daily life and work.
Knowledge and practice that you will not do without learning it.

Teachers: Pernille Kondo, Therapist and Spiritual Teacher.

Education: Therapist in Child Care and Infant Massage

“Transformed will be your hands, skilled, intelligent, attentive and sensitive, inspired by a rhythm that is gentle, yet indispensable to dance, the massage is transformed.”

F. Leboyer

Course description:

The program consists of intensive teaching of Body Therapy and treatment at a physiotherapeutic, psychological and spiritual level in Svane® Child Care Infant Massage.

The concept is for Mother, Father and Child. The education covers the period from before the desired pregnancy, the pregnancy itself, to the birth and maternity period, the first important years of the child’s upbringing and the family’s new life. The education provides a wide scope and can be applied to people from 0 to 100 years.

If you want to help make a positive difference, the Swan Center has something to offer beyond the ordinary.

You are supported in your professional, personal and awareness development that education brings you through and we strive to work from the heart at all times. The education can stand alone, or can be used as a superstructure and continuing education for eg. health nurses, nurses, physiotherapists, therapists and others

Children Treatment:

In the education we work with a deeper understanding of anatomy and physiology from the body’s contexts and from a holistic view of the body, mind and spirit.

The pediatric treatment provides deep insight into the different parts of the body and their interactions. This knowledge and understanding allows you to do an attitude and functional analysis of the individual child / person and thus provide the optimal treatment.

Teaching is provided to help / support the individual child / adult and correct for anomalies in the skull, spine and pelvis. You learn to find the cause and to treat it by the various disorders. Special attention is given to infant colic and abdominal pain, eating patterns, breastfeeding, reflux, sleep rhythm, asthma, bronchitis, allergy and ear problems, crooked skull, flat back or sides, crooked spine, etc. Among other things, you will learn how to correct / correct the palate, where the infant does not wrap properly on the mother’s breast and suck properly on breastfeeding and much more. We treat both children and adults (Father and Mother) and treat e.g. the woman for pelvic dislocation, back / neck disorders and other birth defects.

The Mother / Woman in Maternity:

We delve into how we sincerely provide support and care to women / parents with young children and the special needs that may arise after birth. You learn to read the special needs and signals of the child and the woman / parents and how we go in and support the whole.

You get by physician and acupuncturist Elsebeth Lægaard’s introduction to traditional Chinese medicine, which we have found particularly useful and relevant in our efforts to strengthen mother and child. You will be taught meridian doctrine and acupuncture pressure (acupressure), median massage, five element theory, which is of particular relevance in treatment during the maternity period for women and children. Elsebeth Lægaard is a visiting teacher and will also teach acupressure for mother and child and lectures on the child’s development compared to traditional Chinese medicine.

Dr. in Traditional Chinese Medicine Karin L. Anderson teaches pulse and tongue diagnosis.

Svane® Infant’s / Children’s Massage:

You will receive a thorough instruction in massage for Infants and Children and learn to provide individual guidance and counseling in child massage for parents.

Breathing and Depth Relaxation:

You will learn how to provide breathing exercises, reconstruction and corrective exercises that are of particular relevance after birth. These tools allow you to help the woman / parents dissolve in the body and take better care of themselves after birth. The subjects are an important and natural part of the education.

Meditation retreat on every course day in the morning teaching Self Development, Meditation, Energy Understanding and Spirituality:

You must be willing to work with yourself so that you gain self-understanding and self-understanding.

Self-forgiveness / forgiveness, Peace and joy are our most important goals. Only from a standpoint of inner Peace can we work in balance and neutrality with other people.

Infant Family:

The family often needs parent education / training. We give the family some tools and techniques to continue working with the child? It is very important to have the family actively involved in the treatment process itself so that they become self-help.

Conversation is an important tool. You will learn how to build a healing and conducive conversation and atmosphere where trust is the core element.

Children give massage to children:

The school of the future. Avoid bullying. In Sweden, massage has been on the schedule in schools for many years, if you wish, you will have the opportunity to get into massage in schools, it has been found that bullying is reduced / eliminated and the mutual respect and well-being of the individual increases as children learn to massage each other. It is yet another uncultivated field in Denmark with great potential.

Children of the New Age:

Their special needs. Who are they and what do they come up with? How can we help these children prepare? The topics are taken up on an ongoing basis in the course of education.

Who is the program addressing?

The program is aimed at people who are interested in and provide treatment to children. For example, Therapists, Massage Therapists, Reflexology Therapists, Nurses, Midwives, Health Nurses, Physiotherapists and anyone with a genuine interest in children who want to expand their area of ​​competence at a high professional level.

Prerequisites and admission criteria:

In order to be admitted to the program, you must have a relevant educational background on which you wish to build. First of all, the desire to provide care and support to parents, especially women who have just given birth, to infants and children. When we meet them, they are often in the most vulnerable period of their lives, where everything is new and unknown.

You must have completed 300 hours of exam-completed teaching in anatomy, physiology, disease theory and pharmacology at the nursing level.

In addition, the basic course in Svane® Massage, which is the basic foundation for starting the program.

In addition, send by e-mail a short application to the Swan Center® styled for Pernille Kondo and tell a little about your background, yourself and your goals and wishes with the education. Submit your resume and diplomas. Then you will be called in for a small conversation.

It is a prerequisite that you participate in the entire educational process.


The education will bring you great professional and human insight and you will greatly develop your self insight, self development and spiritual development. We start each morning with a meditation retreat in self development, deepening and meditation. Inspiration from A COURSE in MIRACLES will be included in the teaching. You develop intuition, empathy and the ability to see clearly. The goal is to educate genuine human-heat therapists who want to make a positive difference.
You will gain a solid understanding of the psychology before and after birth and the important bonding of the Child, Mother and Father, which is the whole foundation of life.
You will learn to gain a deep understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, the psychic, the thoughts and the spirit. You learn to think in a whole, in the whole of man.
We work purposefully with the child from birth to puberty. But of course, the program is aimed at treating everyone.
The training meets the Health Council’s SR standards for therapist training.

Course scope:

10 courses in 5 days. One course is spread over a few days throughout the course. The days are finally agreed upon when the group’s geographical composition is known. The education extends over 2½ -3 years. On all course days there are theory, treatment, and exercises.

Basic Module 1:
Truncus (body)

Basic module 2:
Truncus et Pelvis (body and pelvis)

Basic module 3:
Shoulder yoke, Truncus et Pelvis (shoulders, body and pelvis)

Basic module:
The skull (includes in-depth orientation on the skull: development and function from infancy to adult)

Development Module 1:
Fetal and infant development and its importance for general and motor development (up to 6 months)

TCM module:
Teaching Chinese Medicine 5 days in between.

Development Module 2:
Motor development from child to adult (6 months – puberty)

Process Module 1:
Includes diagnosis and treatment evaluation

Process Module 2:
Includes treatment techniques

Process Module 3:
Includes treatment

Written Exam:
Handed. Date comes later

Practical Exam:
Treating a child Date comes later

Meeting time:
8am to approx. 17.00. However, there may be some days when we end at. 21:00 if we have a guest teacher. Notification is given in good time when it is fully completed. Date comes later.

Create the life you want in Love

Learn to cleanse and create your inner space in Love

Are you listening to the voice of fear or love? The path of forgiveness.

What does your life from now on contain?
What obstacles do you see?
Convert sadness (depression) in life to positive presence and forward thinking.
Self-observation: Observation of the mind, thoughts and feelings – and regrets.

Willingness to look at the sacrificial role and old patterns.
The art of seeing oneself, of accommodating oneself and being oneself.

How do we learn to take real responsibility for our lives?
Conversation, exchange and active listening: Learn to express what you want.
How do we each integrate the polarities in ourselves and in relation to the other gender?

In practice, how do you create the life you want?
How do you create resonance between yourself and another human being?
Family constellations / arrangements.
Special relationship. True relationships. How do we learn to communicate and create together?

The way to a well-functioning relationship / couple relationship.
The unity-creating meeting between man and woman.
Learn to initiate and use the regenerative and healing powers within yourself.

In practice, how do you create a better life for your surroundings?
To see a flower in another person’s garden / life?
Transforming fear and guilt through self-forgiveness is the path to more Peace and Love.

The meditative silence helps you to create your own inner space of peace.

The course days will be varied and very inspiring, and will include exercises, conversation, centering, meditative practice, to achieve deepening and inner silence. Self-forgiveness purifies your inner space and is the purification that heals the mind and opens the way to unity.
Only teach love, because that’s what you are.

You will come home empowered with lots of learning and experience that you can directly translate and use into your daily life and work. Knowledge and practice you will not do without learning it.

The Road to Peaceful Coexistence and Community: That You Meet Yourself and Others with Attention, Acceptance, Respect and Recognition.
Teachers: Pernille Kondo, Therapist and Spiritual Teacher.

Yoga - Self-healing - and Meditation

Yoga is a way of working with oneself, a good path to greater physical and mental well-being

You want to increase the elasticity of your connective tissue and the suppleness of your body, which is a prerequisite for keeping us vital and supple high up the veins. In a calm and trusting atmosphere, we are working on a varied program of Yoga poses that will include the classic program. You learn to work with your breathing, your posture and concentration and thereby achieve a better balance of body and mind. Yoga works constructively and smoothly on the entire body and makes your movements freer. Through relaxation we will build tranquility, inner silence and consciousness.

Do you want to gain understanding in the doctrine of energy, for the benefit of yourself and your fellow human beings?

In a safe and accepting atmosphere we will acquire experiences and new knowledge. We will work towards greater inner peace that is necessary to stand firm on our own legs in our time.

  • Immersion in the language of the dream
  • Chakras Awareness Opportunities
  • Visualization, concentration, sound, color and light techniques
  • Deep grounding / ground contact
  • Peace and silence in my mind and conscious soul contact

  • As a body workout, we start from the connective tissue, which is important to keep supple and elastic throughout life. The exercises awaken and revitalize the connective tissue both physically and mentally, relieve the nervous system and provide more calm and social intelligence.

    We will apply yoga postures and breathing lessons as well as the relaxation Yoga Nidra and Prana Vidya, which is the doctrine of self-healing. The purpose is to help the individual to build greater physical and mental stability and balance.

Swan Massage

Swan ® Massage is a body therapeutic massage system that unites meditation, conversation, massage, energy balancing, self-development and care work.

The purpose of this work is to support and intensify your natural development process. We take a holistic view of life i.e. that we integrate body, mind and spirit into the process and that we as humans are part of a larger context.

Basic course in Svane® Massage

Look forward to five educational and joyful days filled with Healing and Healing of body and mind. In this course you will learn to give and receive a full body massage.

The course is an introduction to the practical and theoretical basic techniques of the Svane Massage. Swan Massage seems very relaxing and balancing on body and mind. Swan Massage gives you increased body awareness, body joy, grounding and is a great tool for Self-development. Swan Massage develops intuition and provides insights and knowledge of energy circulation and energy understanding in the human energy system. Furthermore, we work with Mindfulness, Meditation practice, The power of the present, Self-observation, Conversation, Energy balancing, Self-development and Human care for the individual. The purpose of this work is to support and intensify Personal Growth and your Spiritual Development process. We take a holistic view of life i.e. that we integrate Body, Mind and Spirit into the process and that we as human beings are part of a larger whole.

The massage works deeply and strengthens and is very relaxing, relieves tension and is recommended for general abrasion, back problems etc. The massage loosens the muscles and bones and gives a deep healing and strengthening effect and it is a wonderfully delightful experience. for you.

Basic form in Svane ® Massage aims professionally and provides access to education as Svane ® Therapist in Infant / Child Massage and Child Care.

Try if necessary. even a Swan Massage®

before deciding on a course.

Advanced courses in the Svane Massage® concept and education

Education and Training:

The degree program that concludes the exam meets the requirements of the customs authorities for VAT exemption, as well as the requirements of the professional associations in order to be a registered practitioner (RAB).

Polarity Therapy and Swan Massage®

Polarity therapy is a healing tool that is based on the American doctor. Randolph Stone’s methods and apply to create balance and harmony in a human being. Between the masculine and the feminine, the spiritual and material, past and future, experiences and vision etc.

All polarity conditions have a physical and mental dimension, and imbalances can be the root cause of illness. Polarity therapy recreates the natural contradictions and opens up a healthy working-up of understanding of mental imbalances.

You will learn both a general Polarity Therapy – Massage and a method based on specific problems eg. pain, stress, fear, anger, or bonds to the past. Both methods can be integrated into the Svane® Massage Form and Therapeutic Touch.

You will also learn the Polarity conversation which enables you to locate and process polar imbalances.

Swan ® Mental Massage and Mental Diagnosis

A therapeutic healing technique that integrates into massage.

Mental Massage and Mental Diagnosis

The work of psychic currents comes from Chinese body psychology, and balancing currents is used to release energy into the body so that the mind is in balance.

The method is typically used in contexts where the client has problems with receptivity, spaciousness, boundary setting, expression, transformation of energy or release of acting power and creativity.

The eight currents connect body, emotion and spirituality, and they have an impact on our level of stress and well-being.

You will learn to start from both physical and mental imbalances, and you will gain a basic knowledge of mental diagnosis.

Work is done outside on the clothes on the course.

QI Gong - Meditation

Do you want peace of mind and body

Medical Qi Gong is a many thousands of years old healing method used among others. in the hospitals in China, with very good results. Qi Gong consists of more than 5,000 years old exercises: It is slow, calm exercises combined with breathing. Qi Gong opens up and creates peace of mind. You get in touch with the connective tissue that is so important for keeping the body’s tissue elastic. It has an effect on our nervous system, which in turn gives peace of mind.

Qi Gong has a very positive impact on our organs, the immune system and energy levels are raised, and it provides balance and harmony in body and mind. The course includes Naturgong. The ten movements of Qi Gong master Dr. Zang from China, as well as 30 minutes of Relaxation and Meditation.

The course is for both men and women. Working with Qi Gong is a great pleasure.

Meditation Course

Meditation course gives you peace of mind.
Meditation is included in all courses.

During the meditation course, you can learn how to calm your body and gain control of your emotions and thoughts. You will also gain conscious soul contract, and with mindfulness, meditation and understanding of energy you will also gain serenity.

We go beyond thinking and into a deeper state of calm and consciousness.

You are given guidance in focusing and being in the present “in your being” focusing on your breath. That way you can learn to find your own inner peace.

My meditation course consists of both theoretical and practical teaching.

I also teach a variety of courses other than this meditation course, including A Course in Miracles, but common to all the courses is that meditation is taught on all of them.

Energy understanding

The New Age, the understanding of energy - to walk the path of the heart
Energy understanding is included in all courses.

The year 2012 and the next 20 years will bring many changes across the globe. It’s already in full swing. Our present level of consciousness will be lifted through purification and transformation and a whole New Age will begin in the year 2032. The next 20 years new spiritual energies will flow in great style.

A Course in Miracles - Forgiveness

Are you listening to the voice of fear or love? The path of forgiveness.

A Course in Self-Forgivenes.

Healing of humanity.

It is said about A Course in Miracles, and rightly so, that it is the most advanced, spiritual and psychological work that exists, or for that matter, ever existed.

The book consists of three parts, the first of which is the Text Book. This is the theoretical background, the spiritual, metaphysical and psychological basis of the second part, which is the Student Workbook. This consists of 365 lessons, one for each day of the year. The intention is for the student to read and practice one lesson every day for a whole year. The lessons are self-explanatory. The third and final part is the Teacher’s Handbook, which, in addition to some explanations of words and concepts, also deals with the characteristics that a course teacher must possess.

The Course A Course in Miracles is published as a complete book.

The course is translated into Danish, but is very beautiful to read in English (original language).


Who wrote it?

The course is written by an American psychologist named Helen Schucman, who in his mid-sixties, to his own dismay, began to “hear an inner voice”. The “horror” is because she considered herself a scientist with a big V, and partly because she was a Jew, and her voice identified herself as Jesus.

At first, she literally thought she was about to leave her mind, but thanks to her boss, psychologist Bill Thetford began, and she continued to write down what her voice dictated to her.

Seven years later, the work A Course in Miracles was completed in manuscript.

After many peculiar events, the 1976 book was on the streets for the first time.

What is A Course in Miracles all about?

A Course in Miracles is the settlement of the habitual thinking of guilt and fear, of thinking in trust, forgiveness and love. The course is teaching to learn self-forgiveness, which is the healing of the mind.

In the course you will learn to settle the belief in guilt and fear. The intention is to reestablish contact between the Holy Spirit and the individual – to allow us humans to have direct communication connection to our original source “The Highest Consciousness”.

In the textbook, Jesus says that the Course is one way back to God, but only one way among many thousands of other ways, and likewise He says that the Course is the fastest way. The course is thus not for everyone, but for those who are able to accept its very logical and consistent system of thought. The course is very logical and consistent, but also very poetic and beautiful.

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all heading back to God. We all find a path that is right for us, and for many people in the Western world, A Course in Miracles seems to be the way.

Because of the many poetic and beautiful passages, many believe that the course is about love.

This is a misunderstanding because, as already stated in the introduction, this course does not aim to teach the meaning of love, as this is not something that can be learned, for love is merely.

On the other hand, the goal of A Course in Miracles is to find and remove the blocks that we ourselves have set against love. Only then are we able to experience love.
A Course in Miracles is designed precisely so that when we work with it, we can discover and remove these barriers and increasingly experience in our daily lives forgiveness, peace and love.

Those who embark on A Course in Miracles experience a complete change in their thought patterns and throughout their lives. However, it is not uncommon for breaks of shorter or longer duration.

Where can I learn more about the course?

Although the book appears to be a self-study, few people are able to study it without help – and you don’t have to.
The Swan Center in Tisvildeleje near Helsinge and Frederiksværk in North Zealand has groups with lecture and practice of A Course in Miracles.

If you would like to join one of the groups in A Course in Miracles, you can send an email to Pernille Kondo at In this email, please explain your spiritual goal and tell us a little about yourself – within 14 days no start.

Prerequisite for participating in A Course in Miracles

A prerequisite for participating in A Course in Miracles is the desire to create in love. It is also an advantage that facilitates the understanding of the course that you have read the book “The Power of the Now” by Eckhart Tolle, Borgens Forlag or similar material.

The course price for ten teaching days spread over a year is DKK 5,000.- The deposit is DKK 2,000 and is payable upon registration to A Course in Miracles. The balance is payable no later than three weeks before the start of the course (another agreement can be made).

Everyone please clean up after themselves and the group helps with tea and coffee brewing. Fruit or cake is served during breaks. In addition, we eat everything

Travel to the Holy Island of Patmos in Greece.

Spring Course: 23.04. – 09.05.2022

Summer courses: 08.07. – 25.07.2022

Late Summer Course: 26.08 – 12.09.2022

Late Summer: 09.09 – 26.09.2022