Infant massage & Childcare

“Transformed will be your hands, skilled, intelligent, attentive and sensitive, inspired by a rhythm that is gentle, yet indispensable to dance, the massage is transformed.”

F. Leboyer

Infant’s Massage and Gentle Massage Treatment with Kranio Sacral Therapy for the Toddler (Please read below about Kranie Sacral Therapy) The palate, neck, spine, pelvis are carefully examined and treated very gently. Guidance is given to parents so you can follow up on the treatment yourself until we see you again.


Kranio Sacral Therapy and Massage for Babies and Older Children.

We talk about what you need help with. I examine the child with the background of my Physiotherapeutic knowledge in order to examine the child’s movement in joints, muscles and connective tissue. We are talking about motor skills and sensation stimulation for the child.

Next, I plan the treatment:

The cranio, neck, spine and pelvis, are corrected very gently.

The treatment will have a good effect for your child if your child:

  • is born prematurely
  • have sucking problems
  • have stomach or colic symptoms
  • have sleep problems
  • restless and crying more than usual
  • is the child born by caesarean section or taken with a suction cup
  • has anomalies in the body (banana shape)
  • leaning crane mm.

It is always a good idea to have the baby examined after birth.

Instruction to the parents, as a follow-up to the treatment.

The obvious maternity gift:

The obvious maternity gift:

Mothers groups in Infant Massage

Would you like to be in a group and learn how to give your child a massage, which provides wellness, body peace, security and joy.

The sense of touch is the most developed sense of the little child, which is why we can reach the little child through Massage.

Recent research has shown that Touch and Massage increase the amount of happiness hormone, “Feel good about the hormone” A hormone that promotes calm, relaxation, safety and well-being both in the mother / father giving and in the child.

Massage gives a very good whole body feeling which in itself gives tranquility. Infant Massage strengthens the bond between mother, father and child and greatly promotes the child’s well-being and confidence.

The room is heated and Svane® Infant’s Massage will be taught, which aims to create safety and joy. Creative Play, song will be included in the course. It will allow you to approach your child in a way that will help the child grow up.

If the child has problems such as abdominal pain, colic, breastfeeding / suckling problems, anomalies or other difficulties or you as a woman after birth have pain or problems, individual consultation and treatment is recommended at Pernille Kondo.

Svane®Massage care, support and guidance for women before and after birth:

Treatment of women with back, pelvic solution, etc.

Healing Massage and wellness for both parents.

Individual Therapy.

Swan Massage is deeply relaxing, relieves tension and is recommended for tiredness and back pain.

Acupuncture can be included if you wish.

Myo Reflex Therapy

Treatment - Therapy - Prevention - Intelligence Nutrition.

Glycoplan - Galactose that regenerates and repairs cells and tissues.

Myo Reflex Therapy is founded by German physician, Dr. Kurt Mosetter, who became known for healing his father, who has been in a wheelchair for 29 years. Dr. Mosetter has cured children and adults of neurological diseases, including ALS, sclerosis, muscle wasting and Lupus. His approach is a combination of eastern and western science, which is the basis of the muscle meridians, and the anatomy of the fascia corresponds to the anatomy of the meridian paths – as “two cubits of a piece”.

How Does Myo Reflex Therapy Work?

Myoreflex is an involuntary muscle response between muscles that work together. US physician Thomas Meyers has discovered that the muscle barriers and the connective tissues of the body, such as tendons, are connected in long chains from head to toe and are organized in the same way as the meridian pathways that Eastern therapies focus on.

A meridian pathway can also be called a muscle meridian. The muscle meridians are a multidimensional system that works with the whole muscle-tendon nerve and the organ system, where the muscles reveal neurophysiological and neuropsychological dysfunctions.

The muscles carry the client’s life story. If the muscles are chronically tense (contracting for a long time), energy is lacking in the area, but the only way to bring the energy back to the system is to reactivate the functional circuit between the muscles, tendons, internal organs and nervous system from the entire body. This is done efficiently and automatically with Myoreflex therapy.

Myo Reflext The therapy is a modern form of acupressure, where you press the muscles’ attachments to the bones to relax the muscles. When you press a muscle attachment, it is interpreted by the nervous system as if the muscle is being torn by the bone, because in the muscle attachments there are special cells (Calvary cells) that refer to the spinal cord about how tight a muscle is. Here, the pressure on the attachment is interpreted as because the muscle is so tight that it is being torn off, therefore it is now relaxed from the spinal cord.

​​When the spinal cord sends information to a muscle to relax, much more happens than that. The colossal force used to keep a muscle tense extends into the muscle chain and its connection to the internal organs. Relaxing a muscle on the attachment gives you more energy for other muscles and better functioning of the internal organs and nervous system in general. Third, orders from the nervous system come to tighten the muscle that is antagonist (working opposite). This means that the collaboration between the muscle chain that bends the body forward and the one that pulls the body backwards is stimulated. When you have back pain, it is because the back muscles cannot pull the body back sufficiently because the antagonists (the muscles on the front) are too tense.

The most common pattern seen in chronic pain patients is that the body is more or less bent over, ie. pulled towards fetal position. This is because the body has needed to protect itself from physical or psychological blows. When the body is slightly bent over, you produce twice as many stress hormones as if you were completely rank. This interferes with the metabolism of the body and can affect the body’s nutritional turnover. The Myo Reflex Therapist will enter the front of the body, which is the tense, and purely mechanically release these tensions. This has an effect on back, neck, head, whiplash and stiffness in general.

Intelligence Nutrition – Glycoplan diet.

Galileo training:

Strengthening of muscles, joints and bones and diseases of the nervous system.

See link to what is Galileo under consideration.

Cranio sacral therapy

Cranio-Sacral therapy for the whole family

What is Kranio-Sacral Therapy?

Kranio-Sacral Therapy is a very gentle but in-depth manual therapy that works with the body’s own resources aimed at influencing the body for self-healing. The therapist diagnoses the client’s underlying issues and works with this as the focus.

The form of treatment is based on the body being “heard and accommodated” by the therapist with his hands “listening” to noticeable rhythms and movements in the body. These rhythms exist throughout life. The therapist’s respectful way of meeting the body causes the body to actively release its conscious and unconscious tensions. Everything in the body is made up of cells, and each cell is part of our energy system. Therefore, all manual therapy, including Kranio-Sacral Therapy, can be described as the work of the individual’s energy and the body’s own resources.

The cranio-sacral therapy works with bones, membranes (brain membranes), cerebrospinal fluid (brain fluid), muscles, connective tissues and organs and thus has an effect on the nervous, hormone and immune system and thus has an effect on the whole body.

Cranio-Sacral therapy was developed by chiropractors 100 years ago and is a very gentle method of treatment that works closely with the human nervous system, bones and connective tissue. I offer Kranio-Sacral therapy for the whole family in the Swan Center at Helsinge and Frederiksværk in North Zealand.

The entire body is involved in Kranio-Sacral therapy, especially the pelvis, spine and head. The treatment is very gentle but goes deep and gives both:

  • Increased calm
  • Clarity
  • overview
  • Inner freedom
  • Balance

Distortions and latches are loosened and both body and mind come into better balance.

The therapy can alleviate the following symptoms:

  • Stress
  • Difficulties in the head, neck and spine
  • Pain in the lower back and pelvis
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Jaw tension
  • Virus on the balance nerve
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • pregnancy Genes sinusitis
  • Feeling of bias in the body
  • Whiplash / whiplash after traffic accident
  • Recurrent disorders
  • General pain
  • Personal problems
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Emotional fluctuations

Cranio-Sacral therapy can also be used for babies and children or as pure pampering for women after birth. It can also be used for older people with beginning memory problems and dementia.

Baby and child care with Kranio-Sacral therapy

As mentioned, cranio-sacral therapy and massage can also be used for babies and older children. After a talk about the reason for the consultation, the child is examined for the movement of joints, muscles and connective tissue. We also talk about the motor skills and sensory stimulation of the child. Next I plan the treatment where the cranio, neck, spine and pelvis are corrected very gently. Cranio-Sacral therapy will have a good effect on your child if it:

  • Born prematurely
  • Has sucking problems
  • Have a stomach ache
  • Has colic symptoms
  • Have sleep problems
  • Am restless and cry more than usual
  • Is born by caesarean section or taken with suction cup
  • Has bias in the body (banana shape)
  • Has a crooked skull

It is always a good idea to have the baby examined after birth.

Cranio-Sacral therapy for older children and children with special needs

Cranio-Sacral therapy can also be used for older children and children with special needs. Here the effect will be especially good if the child:

  • Has learning and concentration problems
  • Has motor skills and emotional turmoil
  • Has headaches and back problems
  • Having difficulty sitting still or committing
    Is very quiet
  • Am a sensitive child
  • Has ADHD
  • Have other problems


Training and treatment system for everyone and especially for serious illnesses.

Galileo is patented in 1996 and manufactured in Germany by Novotec Medical for medical and training use. In recent years, the crucial importance of muscles for a healthy and effective organism has been increasingly recognized and investigated. A fully functioning, strong muscle is a prerequisite for healthy joints and bones, which can facilitate the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders or prevent such injuries.

Galileo training is used successfully in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, partial paralysis and stroke patients. Depending on the indication, results can be obtained using different frequencies. The side-shifting, repetitive movement on Galileo has a motor and nervous learning effect. The side-shifting vibration simulates a physiologically important movement pattern that resembles human gait, allowing the back muscles to be trained effectively. Galileo provides mechanical stimulation and triggers a reflex reaction in the body.

The rapid movement of the training platform provides a pivotal movement of the pelvis (pelvis) area, just as when walking, but much more frequently. To compensate for this, the body responds with rhythmic muscle contractions, alternating with the right and left sides of the body.

From a frequency of about 12 Hertz, these useless contractions are not a conscious process, but rather a reflex. This stretch reflex activates the muscles of the legs, abdomen and back, all the way up to the upper body.

The number of stretch reflex contractions per second is determined by the adjustable training frequency. For example, if you select a training frequency of 25 Hertz, 25 sequences of contraction will occur in respectively. bending and stretching muscles per second. Therefore, a 3 minute training period at 25 Hertz provides the same number of muscle contractions that are achieved by walking 4,500 steps.

Galileo training is ideal for quickly and effectively improving existing, remaining features and special movement patterns. All clients are offered Galileo training at each treatment session at the Swan Center.

Svane® Massage​

It is a wonderful experience.

Svane® Massage is a health-promoting and holistic service to the body and at the same time an aid to self-development. It is a combination of body massage, conversation and energy balancing and healing. Massage provides wellness and peace of mind and body. Recent research has shown that especially touch / massage increases the amount of the hormone oxytosin which is also referred to as the “feel good for the passport hormone” a hormone that promotes wellness, relaxation, tranquility, peace of mind, deep rest and which is secreted every time we doing something good for ourselves, especially when we touch.

Svane® Massage Therapy and Personal Development

Do you want depth, meaning and real change?
Svane® Massage Series® 1 + 12 Lifecycle.

Pernille Kondo provides individual sessions in an in-depth massage session of 13 sessions, which gives you the opportunity to go through a personal and systematic development process. This series is recommended once you have received Svane® Massage 5 times and feel ready for real depth and a change in your life.

1+: Initial session. Then follow the 12 sessions. Each session starts with conversation.

1-2-3: In the first 3 sessions work on grounding and the relation to the practical physical reality. The massage is based on the legs.

4-5-6: The next phase is to work on the personal story, the emotional life, on making life’s experiences a conducive and fruitful ballast. The massage is based on the back.

7-8-9: Then we continue to work with expressions, sensitivity and relationships. It is about getting and sharing your resources, everything you have today and bringing it to life with other people. The massage is based on the arms, neck and chest.

11-11-12: In the last sessions work is centered. Being centered means that you live your life in accordance with being who you are. At the same time, the centering phase is where you learn to reap the fruits of one’s work and prepare for the future and inner renewal. The massage is based on the front of the body, abdomen, head and whole body.

It is recommended that the sessions be scheduled at 4-week intervals, which can provide a regular massage in case of urgent need.


Intelegent nutrition is based on avoiding carbohydrates,
which is converted into sugar in the body.

There are 8 healthy sugars that are essential (vital). One of these is Galactose. Galactose (α-D +) is a monosaccharide (sugar). In nature, Galactose is found in breast milk, berries and pectin. Galactose is insulin dependent.


Chinese Acupuncture and massage are offered as a treatment

At the Swan Center in Tisvildeleje near Helsinge and Frederiksværk in North Zealand, I offer professional treatment with acupuncture.

About my treatment methods

Acupuncture treatment always starts with a conversation that addresses the cause of the problem. The consultation includes pulse and tongue diagnosis, where individual imbalances and weaknesses in the organs appear. When the diagnosis is made, thin, sterile acupuncture needles are placed in the meridian points based on the diagnosis made. Moxa and heat treatment can also be included in the treatment. The needles act as “antennae”, which arouse and draw energy where needed.

Acupuncture and Tuina massage is an age-old medical method where, by massage and pressure, meridians and acupuncture points are activated on the body. When these points are open and active, energy is supplied and a relaxation with a healing effect occurs.

I provide treatments with French Ear Acupuncture and Auriculo Medicine with Dr. Poul Nogier’s light frequencies, which calm down and go in and repair and heal the cells. I have really good results.

Power treatments with acupuncture, massage and heat treatment with Moxa can be combined with super good results.

Guidance and Advice: In Lifestyle and diet as energy medicine.

Fatigue can occur, especially after the first treatments. It is recommended that you set aside time to rest as it enhances efficacy and healing.

Acupuncture treatment can alleviate various problems

Acupuncture is really good when you have problems with:

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Fertility problems and infertility
  • Pregnancy problems and nausea
  • After Birth Problems
  • Hair Loss
  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Problems with menopause and fatigue
  • Pain in the musculoskeletal system, tendons, joints and bones
  • Back and Muscle Pain
  • Sciatica Problems
  • Stress, burnout, deep tightness and aging
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Menopause – for both women and men
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Fatigue in various degrees
  • The immune system
  • Sårhealing
  • Involuntary urination in women and
  • incontinence
  • Frequent urination men
  • Stomach problems
  • Dizziness and nausea

In addition, acupuncture is known to be very effective in nausea associated with chemotherapy. The treatment can also be used as a supplement to a doctor-prescribed treatment of cancer and other diseases as well as a treatment and recovery. Get diagnosed and get treatment that has a long-term effect.

We offer everything from ear acupuncture to acupuncture pregnant.


Svane Spædbørnsmassage & Børnebehandling i Nordsjælland

Svane Spædbørns Massage og Børnebehandling er meget blid, omsorgsfuld kompetent berøring og Kranio Sakral Terapi til det lille barn. Blidt undersøges hoved, gane, nakke, rygsøjle, bækken korrigeres nænsomt. Der gives vejledning til forældre i Spædbørns Massage, så du selv kan følge op på behandlingen og hjælpe dit barn til vi ses igen.


Svane® Massage​

Svane® Massage er helende Massage til krop, sind og sjæl. Berøring fremmer velvære, afspænding og afvikler stress, frigiver hormonet oxytosin, ” at føl sig godt til pas hormonet” Svane® Massagen kan kombineres som Kropsmassage, Samtale og Energibalancering og Healing.


Myo Reflex Terapi

Musklerne bærer vores livshistorie. Hvis musklerne er kronisk spændte mangler der energi i området. Hvis kroppen er lettere foroverbøjet, producerer man dobbelt så mange stress hormoner, som hvis man var helt rank. Myo Reflex Terapi genaktivere funktionskredsen mellem muskler, sener, indre organer og nervesystem i hele kroppen.


Akupunktur i hele Nordsjælland

Akupunktur og Tuina-massage er en ældgammel medicinsk metode, hvor man ved massage og tryk aktiverer meridianer og akupunkturpunkter på kroppen. Når disse punkter er åbne og aktive, får man energi tilført, og der sker en afspænding med en helbredende effekt.


Kranio-Sakral Terapi

Kranio-Sakral Terapi er meget blid, og effektiv, opfundet af kiropraktorer. Afhjælper skævheder og fastlåsninger, i hoved, nakke, rygsøjle, lænd og bækken og følelsesmæssige problemer.



Galileo træning anvendes med succes i behandling af multipel sklerose, Parkinsons sygdom, delvis lammelse og på slagtilfælde patienter. Afhængig af indikationen, kan man opnå resultater ved at anvende forskellige frekvenser.


Glykoplanen – kost og livsstil

Intelegent ernæring bygger på at undgå kulhydrater, som omdannes til sukker i kroppen. Kulhydrater nedbryder vores celler og er den grundlæggende årsag til mange af de diagnoser og sygdomme vi ser i dag. Sukkerstoffer af alle arter, er meget værre end fedt. Omlægning af kost og motion er helt nødvendig for genopbygning af cellerne.