“Transformed will be your hands, skilled, intelligent, attentive and sensitive, inspired by a rhythm that is gentle, yet indispensable to dance, the massage is transformed.”

F. Leboyer

Infant’s Massage and Gentle Massage Treatment with Kranio Sacral Therapy for the Toddler (Please read below about Kranie Sacral Therapy) The palate, neck, spine, pelvis are carefully examined and treated very gently. Guidance is given to parents so you can follow up on the treatment yourself until we see you again.


Kranio Sacral Therapy and Massage for Babies and Older Children.

We talk about what you need help with. I examine the child with the background of my Physiotherapeutic knowledge in order to examine the child’s movement in joints, muscles and connective tissue. We are talking about motor skills and sensation stimulation for the child.

Next, I plan the treatment:

The cranio, neck, spine and pelvis, are corrected very gently.

The treatment will have a good effect for your child if your child:

  • is born prematurely
  • have sucking problems
  • have stomach or colic symptoms
  • have sleep problems
  • restless and crying more than usual
  • is the child born by caesarean section or taken with a suction cup
  • has anomalies in the body (banana shape)
  • leaning crane mm.

It is always a good idea to have the baby examined after birth.

Instruction to the parents, as a follow-up to the treatment.

The obvious maternity gift:

The obvious maternity gift:

Mothers groups in Infant Massage

Would you like to be in a group and learn how to give your child a massage, which provides wellness, body peace, security and joy.

The sense of touch is the most developed sense of the little child, which is why we can reach the little child through Massage.

Recent research has shown that Touch and Massage increase the amount of happiness hormone, “Feel good about the hormone” A hormone that promotes calm, relaxation, safety and well-being both in the mother / father giving and in the child.

Massage gives a very good whole body feeling which in itself gives tranquility. Infant Massage strengthens the bond between mother, father and child and greatly promotes the child’s well-being and confidence.

The room is heated and Svane® Infant’s Massage will be taught, which aims to create safety and joy. Creative Play, song will be included in the course. It will allow you to approach your child in a way that will help the child grow up.

If the child has problems such as abdominal pain, colic, breastfeeding / suckling problems, anomalies or other difficulties or you as a woman after birth have pain or problems, individual consultation and treatment is recommended at Pernille Kondo.

Svane®Massage care, support and guidance for women before and after birth:

Treatment of women with back, pelvic solution, etc.

Healing Massage and wellness for both parents.

Individual Therapy.

Swan Massage is deeply relaxing, relieves tension and is recommended for tiredness and back pain.

Acupuncture can be included if you wish.