Swan Center was founded in 1990 and is the Center for bodily and spiritual health.

Placed both in the beautiful little seaside village Tisvildeleje in Denmark, and on the spiritual Greek island of Patmos

To help is to understand - the philosophy behind the Swan Center.

Pernille Kondo born 1957 in Aquarius sign, working more than 25 years at the Swan Center in Tisvildeleje. Swan Center aims high professional quality - human warmth, genuine presence and support for both children and adults. If you are at a crossroads and need help to harmony and balance, I give sessions in etc. Infant Massage and Children Treatment etc. by stomach problems, sleep problems, imbalances in the spine and skull etc. Lovely healing, wellness Massage, treatments for mother and child. In addition, I give sessions in the Healing Conversations and Therapy, Swan Massage treatment of back pain.​

Imbalances, Fatigue, Energy abandonment and by illness etc. Cranio Sacral Therapy and Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. 

Pernille teaches groups of Life Yoga - Self Healing - Personal Development - Coaching - Meditation - Energy Understanding and Spiritual development. I teach groups of "A Course in Miracles", which is training in Spiritual Fitness. It means to be willing to change your thoughts from that view in fear to perceive in love.​

Forgiveness - Self Forgiveness is the tool and the healing of the mind is the goal. I organize trips to the Greek island of Patmos in Greece, where I give courses in "A Course in Miracles" several times a year. I educate Swan Therapists: The therapist in Child Care and Infant Massage. A concept for the Mother-Father and Child.

Both ordenaly children and children with challenges. 

You are always welcome to call me and hear more and get additional information and receive the program.​

​Pernille Kondo, Indehaver/Leder


Svanecentret v/Pernille Kondo

CVR: 34535981

Tisvilde Bygade 14B

3220 Tisvildeleje


Phone: +45 48 70 87 96
Mobile: +45 51 34 18 9

All weekdays 8.00-9.00

E-mail: svanecentret@mail.dk