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Myo Reflex Therapy is founded by German physician, Dr. Kurt Mosetter, who became known for healing his father, who has been in a wheelchair for 29 years. Dr. Mosetter has cured children and adults of neurological diseases, including ALS, sclerosis, muscle wasting and Lupus. His approach is a combination of eastern and western science, which is the basis of the muscle meridians, and the anatomy of the fascia corresponds to the anatomy of the meridian paths – as “two cubits of a piece”.

How Does Myo Reflex Therapy Work?

Myoreflex is an involuntary muscle response between muscles that work together. US physician Thomas Meyers has discovered that the muscle barriers and the connective tissues of the body, such as tendons, are connected in long chains from head to toe and are organized in the same way as the meridian pathways that Eastern therapies focus on.

A meridian pathway can also be called a muscle meridian. The muscle meridians are a multidimensional system that works with the whole muscle-tendon nerve and the organ system, where the muscles reveal neurophysiological and neuropsychological dysfunctions.

The muscles carry the client’s life story. If the muscles are chronically tense (contracting for a long time), energy is lacking in the area, but the only way to bring the energy back to the system is to reactivate the functional circuit between the muscles, tendons, internal organs and nervous system from the entire body. This is done efficiently and automatically with Myoreflex therapy.

Myo Reflext The therapy is a modern form of acupressure, where you press the muscles’ attachments to the bones to relax the muscles. When you press a muscle attachment, it is interpreted by the nervous system as if the muscle is being torn by the bone, because in the muscle attachments there are special cells (Calvary cells) that refer to the spinal cord about how tight a muscle is. Here, the pressure on the attachment is interpreted as because the muscle is so tight that it is being torn off, therefore it is now relaxed from the spinal cord.

​​When the spinal cord sends information to a muscle to relax, much more happens than that. The colossal force used to keep a muscle tense extends into the muscle chain and its connection to the internal organs. Relaxing a muscle on the attachment gives you more energy for other muscles and better functioning of the internal organs and nervous system in general. Third, orders from the nervous system come to tighten the muscle that is antagonist (working opposite). This means that the collaboration between the muscle chain that bends the body forward and the one that pulls the body backwards is stimulated. When you have back pain, it is because the back muscles cannot pull the body back sufficiently because the antagonists (the muscles on the front) are too tense.

The most common pattern seen in chronic pain patients is that the body is more or less bent over, ie. pulled towards fetal position. This is because the body has needed to protect itself from physical or psychological blows. When the body is slightly bent over, you produce twice as many stress hormones as if you were completely rank. This interferes with the metabolism of the body and can affect the body’s nutritional turnover. The Myo Reflex Therapist will enter the front of the body, which is the tense, and purely mechanically release these tensions. This has an effect on back, neck, head, whiplash and stiffness in general.

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