It is a wonderful experience.

Svane® Massage is a health-promoting and holistic service to the body and at the same time an aid to self-development. It is a combination of body massage, conversation and energy balancing and healing. Massage provides wellness and peace of mind and body. Recent research has shown that especially touch / massage increases the amount of the hormone oxytosin which is also referred to as the “feel good for the passport hormone” a hormone that promotes wellness, relaxation, tranquility, peace of mind, deep rest and which is secreted every time we doing something good for ourselves, especially when we touch.

Svane® Massage Therapy and Personal Development

Do you want depth, meaning and real change?
Svane® Massage Series® 1 + 12 Lifecycle.

Pernille Kondo provides individual sessions in an in-depth massage session of 13 sessions, which gives you the opportunity to go through a personal and systematic development process. This series is recommended once you have received Svane® Massage 5 times and feel ready for real depth and a change in your life.

1+: Initial session. Then follow the 12 sessions. Each session starts with conversation.

1-2-3: In the first 3 sessions work on grounding and the relation to the practical physical reality. The massage is based on the legs.

4-5-6: The next phase is to work on the personal story, the emotional life, on making life’s experiences a conducive and fruitful ballast. The massage is based on the back.

7-8-9: Then we continue to work with expressions, sensitivity and relationships. It is about getting and sharing your resources, everything you have today and bringing it to life with other people. The massage is based on the arms, neck and chest.

11-11-12: In the last sessions work is centered. Being centered means that you live your life in accordance with being who you are. At the same time, the centering phase is where you learn to reap the fruits of one’s work and prepare for the future and inner renewal. The massage is based on the front of the body, abdomen, head and whole body.

It is recommended that the sessions be scheduled at 4-week intervals, which can provide a regular massage in case of urgent need.